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Pixelplux is your technology company. We design websites, we build mobile applications, application for IOS and Android platform. We are active in many areas, such as front-end, back-end, microservices, 3D design and many on.

We are continously discovering market and their needs, to bring them a better software solutions quite fast. If you are tired of slow progressing in your IT department, you may consider some enhancements over your IT products.

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We support you 24/7 no matter what conditions are applied. Giving 99.99% SLA on DevOps services.

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We offer you latest technologies in the market. Forget about legacy corporates. Start with team which is distributed over the glob.

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We build softwares for many businesses. Enhance your projects, services or products with huge experience that our team has in programming and software engineering.


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We are specialist on corporate and business field web sites. Start your full web design service with our dedicated team.


We can help you to deploy your softwares to Amazon webservices (AWS), digitalocean, Google cloud and other cloud providers.

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Are you interested to start a new mobile application, for your customers or business? Take a look at our offers.

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Get in touch with us to implement a new online store. We can provide help on Magento, Prestadshop and shopify.


Use our rich front-end dashboard for your projects. Implement your own services on Angular & React.

FA Question

Common questions around web development and mobile applications

Web development question and Mobile app questions
Web development has many factors which can affect on the length. If you want one of our ready-to-use templates, it will be around a week to have your own website ready, since you need to add your business information, posts and images in to. We continously update our clients once a week with progress.
There is no easy way to make a quote for average price, but our starting price is 2999zl (700€) for web design projects, and 1200€ for mobile applications.
We can offer many tools, specially if you have some legacy application and intergration. Angular, React, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, dedicated CMS and many on. We use cutting edge technologies.
Yes. We keep clients up-to-date with our progress for websites and desktop apps. For mobile applications, we provide Android version for testing everynight, and for IOS we provide more instructions to install and test

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