Successful mobile app programming in React Native

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Today I want to focus how to deliver a mobile application in a team to avoid hiccups, delays and many more obstacles a mobile team is facing. This is only technical side, means regardless of the points you might not have a successful app in the market or sales.

Select a good team leader

First of all, if you are a project manager, you need to understand the people who will be working on this project, and select the most skilled one as the technical leader of project. Mobile applications which are developed by few people in the same hirechy usually tend to not finish on time.

If you want to become that team leader, continue reading this article.

Understand the requirements of app, in terms of dependencies

You need to review all mock ups or business documents and determine, if the app is using other dependencies. These dependencies can be following for example:

  • Firebase, for storing data.
  • Are you going to continue on existing code, or need to comply with libraries that are designed prior to this.
  • Does the app need location, camera, or other not provided by React Native components.
  • Does app need an authentication mechanism, using phone number or third parties.
  • Is the backend for the application written or will be written

Do not rely on weird backend mechanism

Many apps are being delayed because the developers are trying to buy some time and by pass traditional structure of the programming. For example, most of serverless function, realtime database and other new shiny tools seem to be adding more complexity despite the promise to the apps.

Build for targets, from day one

React Native can provide binaries for Android and IOS, and kinda other platforms. Sometimes the team is specialist or interested only on developing for IOS or Android, or client is expecting one build and they focus on that.

It's critical for any apps written in Hybrid frameworks such as React Native, to be compiled for all platforms from day one, and be tested.