You can access the latest builds of the fireback here. We build for major operating systems and architectures, in case you need custom builds, please contact us.

Run as system Service

After installing any package, you can register the fireback project as a system service, it will create the necessary files and logic for systemd, launchctl, etc to keep your server alive.

This command works on fireback project folder, it's not global, you need to create the project first, before running it.

sudo fireback service load

It will create the necessary system service, and starts it. It needs sudo

For Linux (ARM and AMD)

We compiled the source code for these linux versions at this moment. If you need for other specification, contact sales. There might be a free version available.


cd ~ && wget -O fireback_latest_arm64.deb && sudo dpkg -i fireback_latest_arm64.deb;


cd ~ && wget -O fireback_latest_amd64.deb && sudo dpkg -i fireback_latest_amd64.deb;

Macos Installer (Darwin)

For macos users we provide an installer, it will copy the binary into /usr/local/bin for that specific user. You might need to grant security exception on installation, we do not sign these packages. If you want to distribute a Fireback inside your macos project, you need to sign and notarize it on your own behalf.


We do not bundle the fireback.exe with an installer at this moment. You need to place it into your path if needed on your own.

Product for enterprises is signed by PixelPlux Sp. z.o.o official release can be found also on