Deploying FireBack as System Service in Ubuntu Server

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Fireback can be installed on linux/debian based operating systems. We provide .deb package for each release, as well as we are exploring an option to put it in the snap marketplace.

Install using .deb package

The latest version of the fireback is uploaded into our servers, simply by running:


cd ~ && wget && sudo dpkg -i fireback_latest_arm64.deb;


cd ~ && wget && sudo dpkg -i fireback_latest_amd64.deb;

Now, fireback is avaialble in your terminal, you can create your very first project:

cd ~ && mkdir testproject && cd testproject && fireback init --name testproject

Run as system Service

If you want to keep the server running always, you can use

sudo fireback service load

It will create the necessary system service, and starts it. It needs sudo