In this document we are going to discuss the limitation which will be imposed on you by using Fireback. The software will reduce the initial development time massively, also can give you guides during your further developments by giving you a good structure of data, specially user centeric software.

Of course, it will limit you in some scenarios, therefor it's better to know that before hand to prevent any wrong doing or delimmas in future.

Fireback is not open-source

Fireback is written by Ali Torabi, distributed under PixelPlux Sp. z.o.o and it's not an open-source software. You are not allowed or given the option to edit the source code, beyond what software UI configuration or config.yml provides you. Therefor, if you need customization to a lot of feature that Fireback provides, it might not be a good option for you from the beginning. Read carefully the "What Fireback supports" document before hand.

Fireback manages it's own database and it's RDBMS

Fireback content, such as users, roles, workspaces, passports tables are migrated automatically using Firebase internal procedures. You can access there tables for reading, making complex queries with your own tables but you are not entitied to change those existing tables, columns, table names. You should not ALTER or DELETE or UPDATE records or tables directly, without using Fireback API, even if it's so tempting. We only test Fireback for SQLLite and MySQL. Other databases are not supported.

If you need customized feature, contact us via, we will deliver your own version of Fireback