Create role

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Roles are very important part of every authenitcation and user management system. Fireback allows to create roles specificly for each workspace, and assiging them to users, and managing each roles capabilities.

curl --data '{"name":"role4","capabilities":[]}' -X POST http://localhost:4500/role
  "data": {
    "item": {
      "ID": 13,
      "CreatedAt": "2021-10-10T12:26:19.750988495+02:00",
      "UpdatedAt": "2021-10-10T12:26:19.750988495+02:00",
      "DeletedAt": null,
      "uniqueId": "5f2127ba-a799-4f3c-a3ae-a90c58fad065",
      "name": "role4",
      "Capability": [
          "ID": 2,
          "CreatedAt": "2021-10-10T11:37:23.826458815+02:00",
          "UpdatedAt": "2021-10-10T11:37:23.826458815+02:00",
          "DeletedAt": null,
          "name": "user",
          "group": "root"
      "WorkspaceID": 10,
      "Workspace": {
        "ID": 0,
        "CreatedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
        "UpdatedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
        "DeletedAt": null,
        "name": "",
        "description": "",
        "uniqueId": ""