Create a new workspace

مدیریت کاربران از پیش ساخته شده شما

مطالب پیش رو برای زبان فارسی تهیه نشده است.

Create a new workspace

Each user is able to create as many as workspaces (like team) as they want. Each workspace has it's own users, and roles. They share the same capabilities but completely isolated from each other.

No one in workspace A cannot connect to workspace B.

curl --data '{"name":"workspace_10956691"}' -X POST http://localhost:4500/workspace
  "data": {
    "item": {
      "ID": 16,
      "CreatedAt": "2021-10-10T12:26:30.226926488+02:00",
      "UpdatedAt": "2021-10-10T12:26:30.226926488+02:00",
      "DeletedAt": null,
      "name": "workspace_10956691",
      "description": "",
      "uniqueId": "ae383e9c-bc19-47f4-98eb-8489668805cc"
    "user": 13