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Why I am building FireBack

ยท 2 min read

I have started to build this software as a reusable product for PixelPlux Sp. z.o.o, company I found and manage. Over 2 decade of the software development that I am involved in, it's obvious that still vast majority of products lack of high quality user authentication flow. This flow is not limited to only signup/sign-in form but rather it's a problem with details.

Many softwares, websites, will bring tears into eyes to reset the user password, bad signup form, little details of errors, and many more small details which make user experience quite hard.

Over 20 years of programming, honestly, I am tried of doing login, signup, forget password, JWT all and all again, several times each year.

Major problem is, we always think we do not have enough time to do things in a correct format. This leads to building too many bad quality products, instead of one or two, which can bring enough liquidity to the company with much lesser work.

FireBack is going to replace the need for user flow, and basics operation which are necessary to build a mobile app, website or even desktop app. Golang is being used as programmig language of this product, in order to generate standalone, fast and reliable executable for all major platforms.

Any software, regardless of the programming language, should be able to embed FireBack into their product, for different reasons, such as

  • They do not want to build the auth flow again
  • They want an offline FireBase alike product
  • Reduce the amount of the code they want to write.

As of to night that I am writing this article, I am not sure if I will succed to build such thing, but I hope very soon you can download the binaries.

This is not an open-source software.