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All APIs in a glance

Here you can see the entire public API's that are available in the fireback. This is not including the backoffice APIs

You may need to check other sections of this documentation to find out about back-office APIs.

POST http://localhost:4500/role
Create a new role in the workspace, or use to update the role name or capabilities.

Sample body:
{  "name": "role4",  "capabilities": []}

GET http://localhost:4500/roles
Get list of all roles in the specific workspace.

GET http://localhost:4500/capabilities
Get list of capabilities that are available in the system. Capabilities might vary based on user current roles in the workspace.

POST http://localhost:4500/role/assign
Assign a role to specific user in the workspace

Sample body:
{  "roleId": "5f2127ba-a799-4f3c-a3ae-a90c58fad065",  "userId": "3a185506-2e15-41be-a635-c54c12fa7346"}

DELETE http://localhost:4500/role/:id
Remove specific role in the workspace

GET http://localhost:4500/profile
Get user profile information, personal data to show in the profile page.

POST http://localhost:4500/auth/user/signin
Sign in a user using email and the password

Sample body:
{  "email": "",  "password": "123321"}

DELETE http://localhost:4500/auth/revoke
Revoke, or sign out the current user, with putting token in the headers

POST http://localhost:4500/request-reset-mail-password
Request forget password for the email, and it will send an email with link to the reset password form

Sample body:
{  "email": ""}

POST http://localhost:4500/reset-mail-password/:id
Resets the password of an email, with 'password' in the body and the password request id in the url.

Sample body:
{  "password": "123456"}

POST http://localhost:4500/workspace/invite
Send invitation via email to a user, by setting email and roleId we expect the user to have

Sample body:
{  "email": "",  "roleId": "230ecf49-71c1-4b04-a826-bb64728a72d6"}

GET http://localhost:4500/invite/:id
Access the information of the invitation publicly, can be used to generate the form of accepting invite, or redirection, etc.

POST http://localhost:4500/workspace/acceptInvite
Accept the invitation, and join the organization

Sample body:
{  "inviteUniqueId": "bd0422d8-032c-4da7-bfbf-4e52f32c137b"}

GET http://localhost:4500/workspaces
Get the list of all workspaces that user is joined to.

POST http://localhost:4500/workspace
User can create a workspace, by just setting the name of it in the body.

Sample body:
{  "name": "workspace_10956691"}

DELETE http://localhost:4500/workspace
Delete the workspace, if user has the permission to do so.

POST http://localhost:4500/preferences
User can update his preferences by sending a string:any dictionary object.

Sample body:
{  "theme": "ubuntu",  "timezone": ""}