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Yaml Config

The application has an internal default configuration, that you can override and set your own. This will make the FireBack highly configurable.

You need to pass the address of this file via CONFIG_PATH env variable.


CONFIG_PATH=~/config.yml ENV=production ./fireback

You need to set 2 env variables inside your systemd service (For Ubuntu Servers) or similar correspondence on the other operating systems.

gin:  mode: debug # set to release
publicServer:  enabled: true  host: "localhost"  port: 4500
backOfficeServer:  # This port gives sudo access to the all operations. Make sure you close this port  # on public traffic and access only using VPN.  enabled: true  host: "localhost"  port: 46702
database:  vendor: sqlite  database: /tmp/fireback.db  #  Use there variables for mysql instead  #  vendor: mysql  #  database: mydb  #  username: root  #  password: root  #  host: localhost  #  port: 3306
mailServer:  # At the moment, we only support the sendgrid for sending mails  # You need to create an account there, and get your API key  provider: sendgrid  apiKey: Get your API Key from sendgrid and put here  senderName: Jack Anderson  senderAddress:
  # These emails are being sent when user creates and account  # requests for changing password, or invited to a new workspace  # They are necessary for completing an operation  confirmMail:    enabled: true    emailRedirectUrl: http://localhost:4500/confirm/email/{{key}}    subject: Confirm Your email
  forgetPasswordRequest:    enabled: true    emailRedirectUrl: http://localhost:4500/reset-password/{{key}}    subject: Reset your password
  acceptWorkspaceInvitation:    enabled: true    emailRedirectUrl: http://localhost:4500/workspace/acceptInvite/{{key}}    subject: "Invite to: {{workspaceName}}"
development:  # Override all emails to go to specific email, for testing purpose only  forwardMails:  forwardMailsName: My full name