App-Go Framework

GRPC, Http and system services development for businesses, apps, and web

App-Go is our framework in Golang

We deliver realiable, fast, feature rich backend project written in Golang, Gin, Gorm which helps to build Http, Sock, IPC projects in 10% of time in comparison with normal track.

App-Go is our framework, which we build custom backend projects, system projects, targetted for web servers, linux, mac, windows and embedded devices.

We will deliver your new backend project on June 14th 2024, including email, phone number signup, ABAC system, strong file upload system.

  • Fireback


    Free Fireback plan

    Full user system support

    ABAC System

    File upload

    Mac/Windows/Ubuntu installation

  • BASIC (hourly)

    16$ hour

    For project less than 10 days

    Building custom API for you

    Integrate with Angular/React/React Native

    Deliver only binaries

    Deploy and install servers

  • Startup


    Contracts up to 2 months

    Unlimited Http/GRPC/CLI APIS

    Full deploying, using CI/CD

    Custom API design, handling scaling

    Providing constulation on design

  • Enterprise


    Contracts more than 6 month

    Full-time dedicated development

    Providing all necessary tools, managing team

    Providing source code

    Participating on meeting company meetings

Advanced features in our backend projects

No need to re-invent the wheel, no extra charges for your basic requirements, such as file upload, search in database, filtering, querying, validation. We cover these for everything - free.

Ready to use ABAC and all basics

Our User-Role-Workspace model is one of the most resilient structures ever built, to allow simple to nation wide permission control on projects we make.

None-technical people and management can define the access to different parts of app, define different groups of users, in all projects we deliver.

Out of the box, we provide you:

  • Rich User Capability, Role system
  • Definting different workspaces
  • Nested roles, hierarchical access definition
  • Hierarchical workspace definition
  • User signup with email, and phone number

HTTP support with industry standards

Both codes we write for you, and our existing code base, provide http server, you can configurate which port you want to provide the API to your App, React Project, and more.

We are enforcing standard queries, using Query DSL alike system, standard output for all responses, providing strong CRUD system for all modules we develop.

  • Google JSON Styleguide for all responses
  • Strong pagination, query dsl, to filter and group results over http
  • Fully tested POST, PUT, GET methods, multiple update/delete for all entities

GRPC Support

We provide free GRPC support to entire backend project that we develop. All actions are available via GRPC protocol automatically.

Websocket integration

We provide web socket integration for all entities we build for you, the changes on top of them will be sent through specificication to possible web socket clients

Full interactive documentation

AppGo comes with interactive documentation built in, samples in form of json, and a toolkit that you can test it on your own discreation.

Cypress Automation test

We export the entire automation test cases for our clients. You can run them against your own backend test environment, which is available even for business owners and non-technical testers

CLI Commands

AppGo go provides cli actions for all http endpoints, you can access the main functionalities using terminal which can be used for testing or any actions available within the app.

Different platforms

Your code would run natively on Windows, Ubuntu, MacOs, ARM series microcontrollers, without any extra setup such as Docker containers. All bundled into single executable file (aka .exe file)

MySQL/SQLite support

Project can use MYSQL or SQLLite at the same time, you can configure the database and change it at anytime. Multiple connections configs are availble via yml

Postman Collection

Postman collections are available within each and every projects or updates we provide to you, you can use them for testing or referencsing without being worried about keeping your collection up-to-date

We export executables for Different platforms

We will be providing you with executables for major OS, dmg installer on mac, windows installer, and debian dpkg