Mobile App Development Services

Build your mobile application, either hybrid or native, for Android, iOS, and werable devices. We bring ideas into real product sometimes as quick as 2 weeks.

Your idea into mobile app in 14 days

When you come up with an idea, or your businesss requires a software solution, you want it to market fast. It's important to see the software quickly into users hands, but at the same time to keep quality of app, as well as reducing it's maintenance costs.

If you want to build a reliable mobile app, which could easily to integrated with your web application, existing products, or possible future products, you are in the correct place.

We build mobile apps, using your technology of choice, for both Android and IOS devices.

Hybrid or Native: We can do all

Before starting a new project, we need to determine what exactly your current status is. Depending on the industry of the app, existing code base, future of the product, we help you to choose the best possible investment in the tool, between popular market tools.

Get 80% of your app for free

By using prior experiences, and our rich internal toolkit for building apps, you will get a complete software, with many details that you should usually pay for.

  • Automated builds and Google/Apple store management
  • User authentication flow, signup by email, phone
  • Online admin panel for your users, and their activity
  • Reporting for different modules that we build for app
  • Wallet Localised for different countries
  • Dark/Light theme, translation to at least 4 languages

Building using React Native for Android and IOS

React Native, unlike hybrid html/css solutions, is a method to create native apps, with 99.9% of same capabilities available. Result is super fluid smooth apps, relativly small in size.

We recommend React native for mid-term products, startups in their second round of funding, established businesses with straight line of work, and products which do not need a web version.

Android Development for billions of devices

Android SDK (Java/Kotlin) is the best possible choice of building any apps for Android, Android TV, Android Automotive and other variations.

Software written in Android Platform using Kotlin or Java, are having the best possible performance, the codebase would be expected to last for 20 years, tested most properly. Only downside is if you need to support IOS users, the entire app should be rewritten again, and updates to the app (Code push) are limited.

Major brands, banking, fintech softwares are advised to use native platforms.

Quickest Time to market

Do not wait for months before receiving your first APK or TestFlight. We release your first app in 10 business days. Then, we will build and release feature by feature as long as you get your desired results.

Send your product details directly:

AcademyX: IOS and Android

AcademyX is a complex product in learning and examination field, which has been written in Golang, React, and is actively being used as whitelable.

Product has been exported for multiple platforms, Web, MacOs Desktop, MacOs Server, Ubuntu Desktop, Windows Desktop, Android and IOS. Regardless of it's framework, it performs in an acceptable level for 98.23% users as we have measured.

  • Writing set
  • General speaking
  • Multi short question
  • Fill in transform
  • Fill in from list
  • Fill in sentence
  • Fill in the blank type
  • Fill in the blank
  • Fill in the choice
  • Cross word
  • Boolean task
  • Multi long question
  • Short reading with questions