Manage your Sp. z.o.o Polish company online with our tax, immigration and accounting experts.

Start online

Fully managed dashboard to register a new LLC (Sp. z.o.o) company in Poland.

Manage all documents

Upload all of your documents related to company into a self cloud-based or self-hosted service and make it accessible among appropriate people.

Tax calculator

Calculate automatically and accountant approved tax information via your dashboard by end of each month

Manage transactions

You will be able to manage all transactions and track them via CSV file and assign transaction to contracts, invoices, purchases and so on

Legal services

Companies managed by Minifirma will automatically get all yearly and quarterly paper work done with Polish tax office.

Financial predictions

We predict finances and other possible offers, reports and so one both automated and manual.

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Staring for first time?

Remove all the paperwork and hassle which can affect your business, and setup the company in a safe condition.

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Migrate your business

You can migrate your existing business to Minifirma in an easy, managed process. We will handle your paperwork and banking with Urzand Skarbowy.

Migrate the business.

Mini Firma Mobile app features

Store invoices

Take screenshot from your invoices, petrol costs, quick sales, or invoices and sync with your workspace

Quick report

See status of your company very fast, costs and expenses in one place

Your digital profile

Set your vehicle, company information in app and share when needed.