AcademyX is All in one, multiplatform, exam and learning software

AcademyX is a self-housted, cloud, desktop, mobile or embed library which allows to create academies and online schools for different purposes, manage questions, courses, students, and could be used by individuals for learnings and flashcards, by question designers, exam creators, language exchangers, and developers.

Comprehensive learning solutions, for schools, for businesses. Create exams, whitelabel app, and convert the software into major platforms, such as Android, IOS, Mac, Web, Windows, Linux and few more.

Create exam software

AcademyX can be used to create exam softwares, from simple questions, to long running tasks such as language exams.
As an example, AcademyX is embeding Polish B1 state exam inside, which is used by language learners to test their level of readiness to participate exam. It has 5 sections, and Polish is known for complex type of questions and grammar so it's the best type of demonstration for AcademyX capabilities.

Few example of question types we support:

  • Writing set
  • General speaking
  • Multi short question
  • Fill in transform
  • Fill in from list
  • Fill in sentence
  • Fill in the blank type
  • Fill in the blank
  • Fill in the choice
  • Cross word
  • Boolean task
  • Multi long question
  • Short reading with questions

Rich libraries, CLI tools

AcademyX does not only provide UI, but also you can do every operation on the UI, or management through CLI as well.
In fact, many software products are great while using, but cannot be helpful in terms of automation. We export all functionalities of the app, in form of CLI commands, HTTP, GRPC protocols to make sure other developers or companies who want to integrate with our product, are not limited.

Single Code-base, Many targets

AcademyX is meant to be simple for students and schools, but it's written in very complex manner, which allows the app to be running on different platforms for different purposes.
The business logic is available as C shared library, and some functionality, such as exams, practising, reviewing contents, create the exams, are available fully offline. AcademyX allows cloud collaboration, teams with different access levels, custom permissions, nested workspaces, by fully using fireback set of features.

AcademyX is built and available on:

  • Cloud server, for Ubuntu 14x
  • Cloud server, for Windows
  • Android Offline or Online application
  • IOS Offline or Online application
  • Windows, Linux(Debian), MacOs Offline or Online desktop