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Zatrzymaj Chaos! Tłumaczenia Angular Wykonane Jak Trzeba Raz

Masz problemy z tłumaczeniem aplikacji Angular? Czy zawsze pojawiają się kłopoty z kluczami, dodatkowymi rurkami czy też statycznymi tłumaczeniami? Dołącz do mnie w tej tutoriale, a raz na zawsze rozwiążemy ten problem.

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React Native Animation: Text Transition while changing content

In this video we are going to see how we can improve our user interaction with text animation. We are going to create AnimatedText component, which is basically a text but shows the content with opacity fade each time it's props getting changed.

Avoid Software Failure: What is a reliable, multiplatform, and long lasting software? Part 1

Welcome to Avoid Software Failure course. In this series, we are exploring why many bad software are out there, why do they fail, and how to avoid it in the first place. In Part 1, I explain what are reliable software, how to make it last long, and create for as many as platforms as we can.

Avoid Software Failure: Why should you build high quality software? Part 2

Welcome to Avoid Software Failure course. In Part 2, I explain why we need to build high quality from the beginning, and who are the main audience of this course.

Heat exchanger simulation with ESP Studio

Have you ever thought of how would the heating source with different powers effect the liquid temperature? In this tutorial, we are going to simulate a control sheet which would heat water in a container, and monitor it's effect using ESP Studio series.