Our services

We are new, but experienced team looking for new projects

My name is Ali Torabi, I do represent PixelPlux Sp. z.o.o. The reason I am distrubing you is we are looking for new opportunities to develop software as a new software house and I believe there might be some potentials of further co-operations.
We are a small software team which we are specialized in the "React Native", "Golang", "Node.js" and "React Web" frameworks.
Basically we can build and support in areas like:
  • Developing native apps using React Native for IOS, Android
  • Developing CLI or backend applications using Golang or Node.js
  • Developing web applications using React.js, in many industries
Since we are looking for very first project as a new team, we offer 2 sprints (4 weeks) of free services for a contract which lasts more than 4 months. Over 20 years of experience working for other software houses, all our clients get benefit from:
  • Fully built user flow as a backend software, called Fireback
  • Free login, signup, user profile flow of the application in the first day of project
  • Many ready to use, and tested modules in bluetooth, navigation & location, image processing areas will be shipped in case of project requirement which reduce the time of building project significantly.