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Fireback is written based on the GORM library, so it can support connecting out of the box to the following database.

You can update the database config interactively, using fireback config db, and it would open a prompt and guide you to set the database parameters.

ali@alis-MacBook-Pro fireback % fireback config db
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? Database type: 
  ▸ sqlite (:memory:)

Important: SQLite memory database only lives until the server is closed.

This interactive command would later modify the configuration file, (usually fireback-configuration.yml or yourproject-configuration.yml file) with following possible data:


Connecting to mysql is done by providing normal credentials, and database name.

  vendor: mysql
  database: mydb
  username: root
  password: root
  host: localhost
  port: 3306


SQLite is a file based database system, and you just need to specifiy the path of the file, and Vendor to sqlite

In your config.yml

  vendor: sqlite
  database: /tmp/fireback.db


Postgres is also supported in fireback, (CTE and Pivot queries might be covered in later versions) and you can use fireback config db