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An "Email address" or "Phone number" is basically a passport. In general, anyway that a user can process the authentication is a passport of his/her.

We might provide many passports over time, but now it's limited to:

  • Phone number
  • Email address

On top of each passport, we provide a mechanism to create account, signin user, forget the credentials and workspace management for them. For example for email addres you can:

  • Invite someone to your workspace using email
  • Let user signup with email
  • Let user set the forget password
  • Let user to signin with otp signin code

and very similar list applied to the the phone number actions

For complete reference to the actions available, always take a look on Passport http reference page. We generate documents for every new feature provided on top of the HTTP.

GRPC is not available for this module at the moment. If you need, request via contact page of pixelplux.com