Ta treść nie jest dostępna w języku polskim.

In this tutorial you will create your first project in fireback and golang, and you will start the web server in the end ready for your front-end or mobile app project.

You need to make sure you have already installed fireback. If not, read Download and install fireback and then continue here.

  1. Open a terminal, and check if fireback is installed. If not, download it and install.
  2. You might as well install the Fireback vscode extension, you can download it as well from Download and install fireback. You need to intall it from .vsix file, fireback extension is not hosted in extension hub.
  3. Use fireback new --name projectname --module github.com/yourorg/yourproject command. It would generate projectname folder.
  4. There will be a folder, with Makefile. Check that so you can see which commands you can use.
  5. Project will have .vscode folder, You need to install https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=emeraldwalk.RunOnSave extension, in order to make it easier for you to generate, and compile code.
  6. Make sure you do go mod tidy, so the packages are updated.
  7. Run make, and it would compile your code in the artifacts folder
  8. You can now initialise the project, either using fireback init or artifacts/projectname-server/projectname init it would create the database connection, admin user, etc.