Control light like never before!

Light Studio™ elevates control of your lighting into art. We utilize cutting-edge wireless Tuya technology interfacing with your house lights allowing you to take charge of your ambience and set the mood for something truly special.

Control your lights like never before!


Cluster Lights

  • Drive convenience to the next level for you and your family.

Using built-in customizable filters you can now build light clusters to choose which lights turn on simultaneously.

Timer Settings

  • Reduce electricity bills with automatic timer settings

With timer settings you can automatically set up certain lights to turn on and off at your preferred times.

Activity Simulator

  • Keep your home safe while you are away with our activity simulator.

Discourage intruders via our activity simulator mode turning on/off random lights at random or fixed intervals, simulating normal house activity.

Conserve energy

Timer settings allows you to consume energy and get the most out of your light bulbs lifespan.

Protect your home

Activity simulator discourages potential intruders. Add a layer of protection to your home whether you are there or not.

Reduce energy bills

See your bills go down as you continue to use our product. Keep the lights on when you absolutely have to.

Monitor temperature

Monitor your home temperature at all times and be alerted immediately if a fire breaks out.

Boost productivity

Start the artificial lights on cue and continue working uninterrupted.

Set the mood

Build your own clusters of lights for different activities. Activate a cluster and set the mood!

Make the party

Mix clusters and timer settings and create the perfect party setup for a fun evening.

Smooth dimming

Keep your ambience as bright as is comfortable to you with smooth dimming.