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My name is Ali Torabi, and I represent PixelPlux Sp. z.o.o

Ali Torabi

Software Engineer

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Since 2010/01/01

React Native

Since 2015/01/01

Multimedia Builder

2002/01/01 until 2008/01/01


2008/01/01 until 2013/01/01


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2006/01/01 until 2012/10/01


2010/01/01 until 2011/01/01

Angular 2+

2013/01/01 until 2019/01/01


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Since 2020/01/01

Autodesk Fusion 360

Since 2019/01/01

Project Management

Since 2015/01/01

It begins. (Age 9-16)

I've started software engineering at age 9. I was so excited about "Crash bandicoot" game on PlayStation 1, and I wanted to create one myself. Obviously, I was not aware of complexity in such desicion and dream.

Luckily, I had my father investing on a computer for me, and I've started some scripting language called "Multimedia Builer Script", which was a simple scripting language for creating Autoruns. In fact, it was powerfull as itself. By using that scripting language and tools, I've managed to create a software for students to take quiz and exam from themselve, which it sold until I was 19, in the middle of serving military.

Before my highschool, I've created several softwares, including:
  • Text-to-speach interface: A simple application that a user could pick a txt file, and then choose the TTS voice and it would play that for them.
  • Banking deposit application, designed for our middle school. I had the idea each student can deposit and take loan, so I've created a software which could keep list of students, and their current deposit, and their debt. Of course, I did not implement risk factors if someone could take a loan or not, it was built completely on top of the trust.
  • Student exam generator, a software which each individual student could create exam for themselves and create "mock" exams before the time of the real exam coming up. This was a serious and complex software, which it's own formats, file structures.

Time to move on. (16-22)

In this chapter of my life, I've started to mainly work on PHP and C# since web was becoming needed in student software activation codes, and I had to create website for it and only html/css was not enough to handle that.

In this time I started to work on PHP website projects, including creating an MVC framework, complex CMS for my clients at "PordoWeb Inc", and write business softwares in C# and .net framework. This includes in fact some enterprise modules for publications to keep track of the sales and their products.

In fact, the knowledge of C# became quite handly later at age 19-21 since I was serving military and I could automated some of the process using this knowledge.

Node.js and leaving home (22-24)

In this time, after a while finishing military, I said goodbye to PHP and C# development, and became fully Angular.js and Node.js developer under "Netware Studio" and "OVIO" iot solutions brand. As a limited funded startup, I've begin to learn and create many things, from drivers for the relay boards, until the node.js codes for handling backend and leading the front-end in Angular.js

In very last days of this chapter, I got and offer from SEEK ASIA, a part of SEEK Australia, as "Senior software engineer" and it started my next chapter of life.

Farest Asia, React rocks (24-25)

I've begin to work for McKinsey and Seek Asia at this year, and travelled often from Thailand to Malaysia. I would say it was more like a university of life than a job, I've learned to many new technical tools which were unavailable at home, such as CI/CD, AWS, github enterprise and more importantly, it improved my English in the field, by far.

Shortly, I decided to move to Poland, mostly for personal reasons.

Final destination: Poland (25 - Now)

I moved to Poland based on Intive "Senior React Developer" role, to serve a client called "Sabre" which is active in the travel industry. Serving this role was quite interesting at the time because it was also quite different envrionment from Asia, and the type of work in Poland drag me into learning even more tools and gain more soft skills in workplace.

In the meantime, I have created "PixelPlux Sp. z.o.o" to both create software and serve clients based on short time contracts in more advanced areas, such as:

  • Canvas and Charts, designing clients who need some visualization in their projects
  • Node.js microservices, rather building entire solution, I was focused on specific domain
  • Ionic and React Native: I built and contributed up to now 4 React native projects for clients, and built a gamepad and accounting software for demo purposes

Nowadays, I mostly serve clients and sign contracts for Front-end and React jobs, although I am usually open for React Native project as well.

I like to know you.

Maybe, you can also write to me about your own resume, interests and things you want to do. There are always things not expected to happen, so it's good we put things on the table. You can reach me by ali-torabian@outlook.comand I will answer you as soon as I can.

Your sincerely, Ali

World-wide clients I have served.

Canada 1 United States 1 Iran 1 Armenia 1 Sweden 1 Poland 1 Germany 1 Netherlands 1 Australia 1 China 1 Malaysia 1

Projects I've been involved

Abtine Exam Builder Software

2008/01/01 until 2010/01/01

Abtine was a self-invested exam builder software that I've created for secondary and high school students. It worked on top of a huge questions bank, including mathematics, physics and other subjects available for public schools in Iran at the time. Students could select the fields they want, and it would generate paper based (to be printed) exams. Software was used by my own teachers for few exams, and it was registered for copyright in Iranian culture ministry.

Abtine (first) bank account management for mid-school

2006/01/01 until 2007/01/01

This software, was a windows based application using sqlite for storing account information for each individual student. This software needed an operator, trusted, to manage the funds. It could show history of transactions, balance of the user, and print bank account statement.

Lohebartar Examination Series

2009/01/01 until 2014/01/01

Lohebartar publication software series (including multiple versions) was a series desktop application, for testing knowledge based on high school entrance exam. The software founded based on Abtine, but very quickly re-written to satisfy the needs. It could generate the exam and mimic the multiple choice exam items. Software had more controls, web-based activation lock, and has been distributed over 100,000 copies behind the books sold at the time.

Pordoweb CMS

2012/01/01 until 2014/01/01

This software was a set of toolchain, to build public facing content-based websites. Simply speaking it was designed to be a competetor to WordPress platform in smaller scales. It could have multiple templates, slider management, content management, image upload, and fully customizable front-facing templates. In the heart of it, later there was e-commerce capabilities added by other members of PordoWeb. The project has been retired, in favor of WordPress software.

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