Have you ever tried to build user signup/signin API? Or defining user access level, permissions, teams, managing a project users, and all these cumbersome tasks in order manage user in an app?

Fireback does it for you, instead.

FireBack is a complete set of user management software that can replace your users authentication, workspaces, forgot password and etc code, and replace it with a reliable software. It supports wide varity of actions, provides HTTP, GRPC, CLI, and can help you build Web/Mobile/desktop apps with authentication, including:

  • User Role Workspace (Teams)
  • Phone number signup
  • Email signup
  • Complete forget password process
  • Inviting to the team
  • Role and permission management system
  • gRPC microservice structure
  • System service installation

Reasons to use this

You can use Fireback in such scenarios:

  • You do not want to write basic authentication flow for every project you start.
  • You need something reliable to keep your users information
  • You want to deliver 10+ routes in few minutes
  • You want to use future proof user management system in your app or desktop project

Generally, by using the Fireback you will own backend routes for letting users to signup, create workspaces, manage roles, and many more.

We have a plan to provide a back office for this product, so you can manage all users in your application.

You might need build your own

You can skip this product completely and write your own signup and signin process, but its gonna add months of work to build something to be used in real scenarios, which users need to change roles, password, add other users, manage invitations. Still you may want to build your own, in case.

  • Magically you need to build something very different than normal flow.
  • You need to control every single line of the code, and cannot include thirdparty libraries
  • You have huge amount of time and you would love to build your own system to learn or experience.


Fireback is not a freeware, we provide free license for developers who are learning or early startups.