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7 Reasons why Golang is the best backend programming language

In case you never heared Golang before, it is a staticly typed, compiled language, which is developed by google to reduce their need for C/C++ in web area. This language has some benefits over C/C++ besides seems to be true winner win I compared it to other programming languages that I've worked with, such as PHP, C# and Node.js

ATS-01 Standard for React Native List based projects

Set of rules to follow and check against for high quality, low maintenance react native lists screens. By implementing these rules, you make sure every screen in your app has a good UI experience for the user.

Successful mobile app programming in React Native

Today I want to focus how to deliver a mobile application in a team to avoid hiccups, delays and many more obstacles a mobile team is facing. **This is only technical side, means regardless of the points you might not have a successful app in the market or sales**.

The never ending debate; Is React Native bad?

So many discussions around the benefits, issues, downsides and bright sides in hybrid platforms are happening, but is that a deadend choice? Let's find out why react native might work for your case.

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